Auto Repair Tips

Choosing a Mechanic

If you have a car then you inevitably will have to deal with annoying auto repairs. When choosing a mechanic it can be expensive but necessary if you don’t want to spend your life repairing your vehicle. Reading this blog will get you a better idea of how to have a good experience.

When choosing a mechanic make sure you only choose A.S.E. certified mechanics. The test is a written test and informs you as a customer that you mechanic has at least 2 years of service.

Always ask the mechanic what the cost will be for your repairs. You don’t want any unexpected surprises for you vehicle repair cost.

Has the mechanic worked on your type of vehicle before? If so, you can trust in that tech to do a good job.

Wash your car often. Rust can quickly build and make the value of your car go down. Waxing will help as well.

Before taking your automobile in always look for reviews Reviews such as: Google, Yelp and Bing reviews will tell you if the mechanic give customers a good experience or not. Finding the right shop will make you more comfortable leaving your car.

Don’t request Generic parts. You want to get OEM parts. These are the original manufacturer’s parts. You can’t tell if these parts are proper quality or not. Generic parts might cost less but will need to be replaced more often.

Parts you can replace yourself such as headlights and taillights will save you money. They are easily obtained at a parts store. Get out your car manual and take them out. Use your resources as well. Maybe you know someone who is familiar with switching out headlights. Ask them they may give you some much needed advice. Youtube is a wonderful resource for all things repair related.

Find a mechanic that works from home for the small stuff. This is valuable if your car is no longer on warranty or is an older vehicle.Ask you friends and family who they go to and are the reliable.

Make sure you know the risks of doing your own repairs. Get a second opinion from someone in your family or a family friend. Buy high level tools that have warranties and are guaranteed for life. You want to have a quality car jack, your life depends on it!

If your car needs body work, Make sure you have a bunch of photos before you leave it with a body shop. Most shops will not damage your vehicle, but you can never be sure. Having extra photos and understanding what is truly wrong with you car helps.
If you’ve never taken out your car’s manual, now might be a good time to do that. Learning about different parts of your car helps you to work with mechanics to do the right repairs.


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