State of the art Computer Diagnosis

Crestwood Auto Repair Clinic Finds the Problem with our State of the Art Computer Diagnosis

It’s common for our expert auto technicians at Crestwood Auto Clinic to perform a computer diagnosis on your vehicle, this is the best and most cost efficient way for our experts to pinpoint the problem on today’s computer enhanced cars.

The computer control system knows, and it monitors every component in your vehicle, so the “Powertrain Control Module,” which manages the vehicles system, detects any signal changes out of the norm, and it will store a code in the control system called the “Diagnostic Trouble Code.”
To get that DTC information, you can trust our experts at Crestwood Auto Clinic, we will connect your vehicles computer system to the diagnostic connector, which will be located under the dash panel on the driver’s side. Once connected, the technician will perform the computer diagnosis on the vehicle, which will scan, and show any codes that may be stored, but that’s only the start of a complete computer diagnosis.
You can expect a great relationship with any one of our auto technicians. If a specific part is bad, there is no code that will inform the technician, it only indicates that the PCM has detected something out of the norm in a particular circuit. It could simply be a part, or the problem may lie in the electrical system, it is then the expertise and extensive training of our technicians at Crestwood, to run additional tests if needed, to diagnosis the issues and fix any problems.
If you rely on your vehicle almost every single day; put it in the hands of reliable, affordable, honest, hardworking Auto Repair specialists at Crestwood Auto Repair Clinic in Madison WI. We are factory-trained, ASE Certified technicians and one of the best in our business.

Our work is backed by a comprehensive warranty. We do very high quality work, but at a very economical price. You can rest assured you are getting the best quality service from the professionals at Crestwood Auto Repair Clinic.
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