Prolong the Life of Your Tires
Visit Crestwood Auto Clinic for a tire inspection and quality service performed by a skilled certified mechanic. We proudly serve vehicle owners in the Madison WI area and have the following tire advice for you.


Front and rear tires that aren’t properly aligned end up with irregular and accelerated wear. Automobiles with independent rear suspension and front wheel drive systems need routine wheel alignment of all four wheels. Let Crestwood evaluate your alignment as suggested in your owner’s manual to extend tire life.


Road vibration can be the outcome of unbalanced tires. It causes early wear (dipping or cupping), not to mention unnecessary exhaustion to the driver. At the first signs of shimmying or shaking the stems from the tires, get them rebalanced. Then schedule this service once every year.


You may be able to correct uneven tire wear by having them rotated. Read the owner’s manual or visit Crestwood to set up an appropriate rotation schedule. If you notice irregular wear have any imbalance, alignment or other mechanical issues corrected before rotation.

Inspect Visually

The tread on your tires has a direct effect on the way they grip the driving surface. Be certain to look them over regularly. You may see depressed or raised areas, or sections that are completely smoothed over. Inspection also helps identify punctures or other damage could indicate the need for replacement.

It’s important to recognize when repair work will do, and when a tire needs replacement.

  • If a tire loses air pressure frequently have it removed and examined.
  • Driving on a flat tire for even a short distance can destroy it.
  • We can repair most holes up to ¼ inch in diameter if the puncture is limited to the tread.
  • Don’t repair any sidewall damage or punctures greater than ¼ inch. Don’t attempt any repair work on tires worn to under 1/16 of an inch.

Be sure to always inspect tires before embarking on a road trip. Keeping your tires properly serviced is key to their longevity and the overall performance of your vehicle.

For reliable tire repair call an ASE certified technician at Crestwood Auto Clinic at 608-231-1744. Or stop by and browse our tire store for top manufactured brands.


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