Winter Driving Tips

There are a number of challenges facing drivers this winter driving season. Winter weather will test the limits of your vehicle’s mechanical abilities. Icy conditions will test your abilities as a driver to get to your destination safely. If you’re careless, you could find yourself sliding into a guardrail. Be prepared. Here are some winter driving tips to help you prepare for winter driving hazards.

Get your vehicle ready for the winter now.

Car breakdowns are always a hassle, summer or winter. But, in the winter, now that’s a different story. Bad hoses, belts, water pumps and spark plug wires can leave you stranded in the winter. Believe me, It’s better to bite the bullet and fix them now, rather than face a breakdown on a cold wintery night. It’s better than sitting in your car waiting for a tow truck and spending more money to fix the same problem. Avoid it. Get your vehicle ready for the winter now by the pros at Crestwood Auto Clinic.

One service item that’s often forgotten is tire pressure. Ask your Crestwood Auto clinic mechanic to check it out. Why? Because tire pressure can drop by about 1lb. per every ten degrees of temperature. So, let’s say it’s -10 degrees now, and the last time you checked your tire pressure in the sweltering heat of July, your tires can be dangerously low and will jeopardize your vehicle’s handling. Although many newer vehicles are equipped with tire pressure monitors that can alert you to dangerously low tire pressures, we sometimes ignore the warning. Older cars don’t have them and the pressure needs to be checked manually.

Check your battery and charging system.

The pros at Crestwood Auto Clinic will check the battery, charging system, and belts to make sure your battery won’t leave you stranded simply because it’s old and lousy.

These are just a few of the inspection items that will be checked out at Crestwood Auto Clinic to help you avoid costly repairs; and the inconvenience of being stranded in the cold because of a breakdown.
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